Welcome to PeedBros

To begin with, we have years of farming experience contracting and managing large farming operations globally, reducing costs, increasing productivity and adding significant revenue of profit to their operations. Peed Brothers started in 2012 with a focus on tropical fruit exporting. We are successfully connecting buyers and sellers with our import/export business. As a matter of fact, Peed Bros is trading the finest fruit, vegetables, meats, fuel oils, and food-related products all over the world. We have connections with buyers and sellers worldwide. Also, we can find the products at a price that will result in a profitable long lasting business relationship.

September of 2017 we added an extensive list of imported products. Adding high-quality fuel oils to our imports has been a key focus of our company. Moreover, selecting dependable suppliers from the USA, Russia and surrounding countries for imports ensure our supply is consistent and of high quality.

With a passion for agriculture, we will continue our determined efforts in delivering quality products.

Managed and operated by our parent company Agricultural Holdings International, LLC based in Fort Dodge, Iowa USA.