T2L – Community Status

T2L Certificate is a certificate certifying free circulation within the EU member states. It implies the full payment of the import duties and also granting an import permission to EU.

Obtaining an import permit to the European Union is a quite complex process based on three sets of requirements:

  1. HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, which is a system focusing on analysis to risk factors and self-control; moreover, it requires full documentation all the way back to the production and approval by the food and/or health authorities of the country of import.
  2. EU legislation on limit values to parameters of the chemical composition; the EU limit values apply to all member states.
  3. Additional requirements outlined in the national legislation of each member state. In some cases, it will be easier to acquire an import permit in one EU member state compared to others, and then acquire a T2L certificate for free circulation.