To begin with, people harvest young green coconuts before developing the characteristic brown, fibrous outer shell and inner white pulp. Green coconuts have a smooth, green, and very hard outer shell. They are specifically harvested for their high water content as they have not yet begun developing edible pulp. Fresh coconut water is drunk straight from the coconut or can be used in both cooked and raw recipes. The coconut water has a slightly sweet, very clean and refreshing taste.

Many people prefer green coconut because of its rich taste. Before coconut becomes fully mature, it usually has its green, thick and fibrous-outer shell. Juice produced by a young coconut provides its hydrating and refreshing effect. It is possible to mix meat with a juice.

Coconuts provide us with a highly nutritious fluid that supports our need for fluid and electrolyte, we can also have the tasty coconut cream from its flesh. The healing and skin moisturizer coconut oil are from the mature coconut which also has the best fibers for a healthy bowel.

Coconut is different in its shape and color, it is green in color, therefore, it is also green coconut, still, there are other varieties like the yellow, orange to red young coconuts.

The most important product of the young coconut is its water, the amount of water in a young coconut average between 360ml to 480ml while in a mature coconut it is only 240ml.

Fresh green coconut.

Minimum order of one container. Price per ton.