Coffee Elite Roasters

To begin with, we are partnering with Elite Roasters a globally recognized supplier of premium coffee. Elite Roasters coffee is privately labeled branding for your needs. 


Firstly, Top Quality Production. We are ready to produce the freshest and fully-developed coffee products. Our roasting factory based in Houston Texas, USA is the proven leader worldwide in producing Specialty Coffee. Our Specialty Coffee is produced in roasters that allow us to execute our formulas for coffee.

We selected our roasters for their capability of convection, safety, modernization-of-controls, versatility and the full-development of our Specialty Grade products.

Secondly, Private Label Collaboration. Elite’s team of blend, packaging and art experts can help you create and maintain your own brand. We promote and support your brand so that you can focus your talents and skill sets to satisfy more of your customers.

Thirdly, Blend Creation. Our experts can design a blend for you or work in tandem with your culinary team. In this case, you can create your own signature series of products.

Then, Blend Matching/Engineering. We can help by producing the profile flavor that you desire or that you have identified as a taste that you desire to add to your product portfolio.

Lastly, Sustainability & Trace-ability. With a Quality Program that encompasses, HACCP, Global Food Safety & Defense, Total Traceability, Sustainability, Environmental Impact Footprint and a commitment to happy and healthy employees, we assure our clients to expect the best of the best. From Compostable Packaging to Track-able Raw Materials from the tree to the cup, our customers have a transparent and capable partner to satisfy every need from Foodservice Operations to Retail Consumer Products.

About Elite Roasters Coffee

Our team has directed and executed Roasting, Packaging, Distribution, Service, Installations, Branding, and Co-Branding. We collaborated with clients in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Dubai in the Middle East with channels into Africa. Our focus is one of Private Label for our customer base. We are offering our Specialty Branded Coffee lines, to meet our client’s needs and desires for top-quality products.

From K Cups (standard plastic and Biodegradable) to 50 lb. bulk, we are equipped to fully develop, produce and package coffee in Whole Bean Roast & Ground. In addition, We make Specialty Coffee affordable through our vast network of experts from all over the world. You may select one of our brand or we can assist you with the development of your private label brand!

Our partnerships in Central America is one of the most dynamic and advantageous vertically-integrated arrangements. Moreover, we have assured supplies of some of the top coffees in the world. It allows us to compete with any coffee roasting organization. Rapid delivery to and from the Port of Houston with the same costs that larger companies.

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