Oil & Gas

The oil, gas and petroleum part of our business has been growing rapidly. With several years in commodities trading and several experienced years in Russia, this offered us direct relationships with key refineries.

Peed Bros is a direct supplier from refineries in Russia, Netherlands, and the Middle East. Working directly with end sellers and buyers on Gas Oil, Jet Fuel, Crude Oil, Bitumen and other types of mineral oil products. 

We have an excellent due diligence process in place and all buyers are required to go through a KYC (know your customer) before we will send any corporate offers. You may avail our ICPO procedure from this link.

Crude Oil

  • Blend Crude Oil (REBCO) GOST TU 39-1623-93
  • Blend Crude (REBCO) GOST 9965-76
  • Blend Ural Crude (REBCO) GOST 51 858-2002


  • Diesel D2 Gasoil L-0.2-62 GOST 305-82
  • Diesel D2 Automotive Fuel Oil (AGO)
  • Diesel Euro 4 EN590 GOST 52368
  • Diesel Gasoil Ultra-Low Sulphur 10 ppm EN590
  • Diesel Gasoil Ultra-Low Sulphur 50 ppm EN590
  • Diesel Gasoil Ultra-Low Sulphur 500 ppm EN590
  • Diesel Gasoil Ultra-Low Sulphur 5000 ppm EN590
  • Diesel High Speed (HSD)


  • Gasoline 87 Octanes
  • Gasoline 89 Octanes
  • Gasoline 91-92-95 Octanes

Marine Fuel Oil

  • Marine Fuel Oil CST 180
  • Marine Fuel Oil CST 280
  • Marine Fuel Oil CST 380


  • Mazut M100 GOST 10585/75
  • Mazut M100 GOST 10585/99

Other Oil & Gas Products

  • Bitumen / Petroleum Asphalt All Grade
  • Jet Fuel A-1 Aviation Kerosene TS-1 GOST 10227-86
  • Light Cycle Oil (LCO)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) 5542-87
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Propane (LPG) – 50% Propane/50% Butane
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Propane (LPG) – 70% Propane/30% Butane
  • Petrol Coke (Sulphur from 0.2% to 11.0%)
  • Siberian Pacific Oil (ESPO)
  • Urea 46 Prilled or Granular
  • Virgin Fuel Oil D6

“My formula for success is rise early, work late, and strike oil.” – J. Paul Getty


2 thoughts on “Oil & Gas

  1. I represent P&D MPC HK CO., LTD is the legal mandate of a Ghanaian buyer and we have been looking for a reliable and trusted Supplier of refined oil products and and we are hoping your company will work with us on this matter.
    We have requirement of 50,000 MT X 12 for Russian D2 50ppm. If you will kindly furnish me with your email i will send you LOI to this effect .



  2. I would like to know if you have suppliers for crude oil,Russian Mazut 100 Gost 10585-75 and 10585-99,D2 , Diesel D2 gasoil .600000 MT spread in 12 months is not a problem for the buyers. A lower quantity can also be discussed if need be. Buyers are from Singapore .

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