Pork Belly – Liempo

Liempo Product Details 

To begin with, all pork products have a distribution from key suppliers in the USA and the surrounding countries. We inspect our processing plants annually. Moreover, we offer the best pricing on our first quote. Pricing reflects a cost saving on monthly contractual orders. Spot buys with no contract are discouraged and often will be returned as a no quote.  

Liempo Trim Specifications

  •  Uniform pebbled appearance on the fat side of the belly
  •  Remove hair roots and skin patches
  •  Split skin patches must not exceed 4 square inches
  •  Trim teat line fat edge to .5” wide or less
  •  The cushion on the shoulder end of the belly cannot be >4” in length
  •  Remove dark red or black seeds
  •  Remove the soft, porous, or lactating mammary tissue
  •  Width does not vary by more than 2” between shoulder and ham ends
  •  Minimum length is 19” and the maximum length is 29”
  •  Bootjack/flank end must be <1” from the V pocket
  •  The minimum thickness of the belly is .5” thick, measuring 1” x 1” any place on the belly
  •  Leaf fat > 2” x 2”
  •  The prefemoral lymph node is removed if exposed
  •  Flank pocket muscle is removed, avoid scoring the underlying muscle
  •  Trimmed free of bruises, bloodshot, bones, cartilage and tag ends

Liempo Packaging Details

  • 15 Kg boxes Vacuum Sealed 
  • Frozen
  • Boxed and Palleted

First Time Order Details

  • Pre-Payment 
  • Trial Container (1) Minimum
  • Complete Company Details
  • Complete Bank Details

Export Belly Sheet Rib.jpg

Export Belly Sheet Rib-1.jpg