Non-GMO Soybeans

Non-GMO Soybean seed is the largest oilseed crop, with 276 million t produced in 2013, the main producers being the USA, Brazil, Argentina, and China. The value of the crop is partly driven by the demand for soybean meal, which is the by-product of oil extraction, one of the major feed commodities (172 million t used worldwide in 2011).

Whole soybeans are used as food in tropical Africa and Asia. Western countries are a new market for soy food (exotic foods, soybean milk, tofu, etc.). The seeds are used to make flour, milk, tofu, and tofu-like products. They may be roasted and eaten as a snack or fermented to make tempeh, miso, yuba and soy sauce.


  • Cleaned and Sized

  • White to Yellow Seed Coat

  • Clear or White Hilum

  • Oval in Shape

  • Protein: (40 to 44% DMB)

  • Oil: 17% Minimum

  • Moisture: 14% Max