Entandrophragma Сylindricum

Entandrophragma Сylindricum is a tree of the genus Entandrophragma of the family Meliaceae. It is native to tropical Africa. The species grows to a height of up to 45 m (rarely 60 m). Entandrophragma Сylindricum has a lustrous iridescence with colors that range from light pink to brown and gold to red. Also, it has a high density of 640 kg/m3 and interlocked grain, which can make machining somewhat difficult.

As a matter of fact, people use it in the manufacture of furniture, joinery, veneer, luxury flooring, and boat building. Among its more exotic uses is that in musical instruments; for the back and sides of acoustic guitar bodies, as well as the bodies of electric guitars. Moreover, people use it in manufacturing the neck piece of ukuleles and 26- and 36-string harps. In the late 90s, it started to be used as a board for Basque percussion instruments txalaparta.

Entandrophragma Cylindricum