Zebrawood or Brachystegia has a striped figure that is reminiscent of a zebra. The heartwood is a pale golden yellow, distinct from the very pale color of the sapwood and features narrow streaks of dark brown to black. Zebrawood can also be a pale brown with regular or irregular marks of dark brown in varying widths. It is almost always quartersawn to get an exciting alternating color pattern.

It is a heavy, hard wood with a somewhat coarse texture, often with an interlocked or wavy grain. The interlocked grain of this wood, like that of many tropical kinds of wood, can make it difficult to work. It is also a decorative exotic wood, used in a limited way for veneer, wall paneling, custom furniture, furniture trim, inlay bandings, marquetry, specialty items, and turnery. It is also sometimes seen as stocks of shotguns and rifles or in exotic guitars. In the past, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz automobiles used this type of timber. Because of its hardness, it is also good for skis and tool handles.