Oil & Fuel Seller Scam List

Detecting Fraudsters – Beware!!!

    • Most official refineries and companies do not communicate via generic email addresses such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail. All communications will always originate from a verifiable company e-mail address (domains of @companyname.com) and not from any free web-based email accounts.
    • Firstly, fraudsters usually ask targets to respond quickly or risk missing out – they always try to rush the deal.
    • Secondly, fraudsters usually request targets to keep business proposals, wining, etc confidential.
    • Thirdly, fraudsters usually communicate only via email and telephone with a reluctance or a refusal to meet in person.
    • Fraudsters can have a website address that mimics the real sight with slight changes to have the appearance of the real one. Do a whois search to see who manages or operates the site. 
    • Also, fraudsters will deal with unrealistic quantities that many refineries cannot meet. 
    • Moreover, Fraudsters in Russia will not provide the TIN (INN) numbers in their stamps.
    • At last, fraudsters in Russia that send SCO will have a stamp done in English this is not correct.

This list is to help buyers be aware of the scam sellers out there. They have several techniques to appear they are real. Do not accept people that do not have corporate emails or send offers through email asking for your banking details, asking for TTM meeting, and giving very low prices. 

All of the companies with emails listed below have been thoroughly researched and contacted to provide documents to refute any claims of being a scam. Not one listed below after several calls and emails gave any refutable evidence they were not scammers. 


Comments: There is a real company under the same name and business registration but on the phone, the real CEO of the company said that they are temporary out of business and that they never even sold anything before. So somebody is using their identity.

Arktikmorneftegaz – arktikmorneftegaz@nm.ru

Comments: During the phone cal with this company we found out that the documents we received are fake and that they do not sell.

Bashneft  – export@bashneft.ru – +7(903) 761-46-01

Comments: These guys were real fighters. Since Bashneft is under Rosneft it was really easy to confirm that Bashneft doesn’t issue mandate letters nor export. This document was also sent to fraud department of Rosneft where they confirmed it to be fake.

Ekopetrol LLC – ekopetrol.llc@mail.ru – +7 (926) 744 4358

Comments: During the phone call turns out that it is a broker from Turkey who doesn’t speak Russian. After asking certain legal questions about the company – hangs up the phone and become unavailable.

Gazneftproekt gazneftproekt@mail.ru

This company is run by a group pretending to be Russians. They can not speak Russian and primarily will talk in English that sounds like Indian and try to force you to communicate through email. 

Gazpromneft Angara – info@gazpromneft-angara.ru

Comments: Any document you receive online from Gazpromneft is not real as they do not do business like this. If you want to have any relationship with Gazpromneft prepare to visit Russia and buy through online exchange platform.

Gazprom Yamal – olega.sychev.77@mail.ru – Tel+7 (499) 390-8976

Comments: There is no Gazprom Yamal company but there is Gazpromneft Yamal. The difference is: Gazprom – gaz deals, Gazpromneft – oil/fuel deals.


Gusinoozersky Petroleum Refinery – post@gusinoozerskynpz.ru

Irkutburtgaz LLC – info@irkutburgaz@mail.ru

Kirensk Neft – kirensk.neft@inbox.ru


Komsomolsky Refinery (Rosneft) – sales@rn-komsomolsk.ru

Comments: One thing to keep in mind about Rosneft is that no matter how hard people try to convince you to make a deal like this – Rosneft never provides any documents via any online sources – they only operate personally through the meetings due to the security issues. Another problem you can face is mandates – there is no such thing as Rosneft mandate. All this information was confirmed by Rosneft itself.

Logistics Storage Group LLC – logistics@logstorgroup.ru

Lukarco Oil BV (Lukoil)

Comments: Indeed Lukarco and Lukoil are directly connected, but make sure you are dealing with the real companies. In this case it was representative office which is not authorized to sell anything.

MonefteGas LLC – moneftegas.llc@mail.ru


Neftegeoservis – mail@neftegeoservis.ru

NeftGaz Holding – infoneftgazholding@mail.ru


NordGazInvest – sales@ooonordgazinvest.ru – +7 (495) 665-8100

Comments – this company sends out partial PPOP and the documents including the stamps are not authentic. Phone numbers are forwarded and the person answering the phone does not know the company. When confronted about the legitimacy of documents they immediately hung up the phone and blocked calls from our number.

Ofis Nefte Produkt – consultant@ofis-nefte-produkt.ru – +7 (968) 025 8117

Comments: This company was closed on November 19, 2018, as they were not legitimate and registered on the fake address. Their website is only in English (not in Russian) and phone numbers don’t answer so it is a scam.

OilGaz Limited – krivosheinyuri@inbox.com


OilTanking Amsterdam oiltankinglogistics@gmail.com – +31 10 340 04 23

Comments – when contacted to discuss their procedures and to follow through the long chain of companies leading back to a law firm in the USA they immediately hung up the phone and would not accept further calls. The agent working at this so-called established company was very nervous when questioned by us about the long trail of companies they had that had no real POP. Add this one to the long list of scammers!

Saratov Oil Refinery – export@saratovoil-npz.ru

Comments: There is a real refinery with the same name working under Rosneft – they have different contact information provided on the Rosneft website. In this case we it’s a fake company stealing identity – different contacts, website only in English, and on top of all it’s a trade union – not authorized to sell and export.

Sibneftmehanizatsiya Company

Comments: Another reminder – Rosneft doesn’t have mandates or documents floating in the internet – it’s strictly confidential and all business is conducted personally on the meetings.

Soyuz Gaz Company

Comments: It’s a fake ghost company without any phone numbers, email or website. Their business registration is only for exploration, not for export and they could’t even put the right company name in the header.

Stock Oil Company – alexei.stockoil@mail.ru

Comments: This company was liquidated on March 19, 2018. 

Strezhevoy Refinery

Tomsknefteprom – tomsknefteprom_oil@inbox.ru / sales_tomsknefteprom@mail.ru

Comments: Under liquidation.

Trans Magistral Neft LLC – export@transmagistralneft.ru

Comments: Under liquidation.

Tungus Petroleum – bugrov@tungus-petroleum.ru


Ural Neft – sales@uralneft-llc.ru – +7 (967) 054 4915

Comments: They are working with a fake mandate Denis Abramov who claims to be Russian but he is not. Their website is google translated from English to Russian and no phone numbers answer (sales dept phone number doesn’t even exist).

Verkhnelensky Refinery – sales@verkhnelensky-npz.ru

Yamalnefteprodukt LLC – roma.zikov@bk.ru

Yubk Npz – export@npz-yubk.ru

Yukola-Neft LLC – info@yukola-neft.com

Yuzhnyy Npz (Yunnpz) – sales@yunnpz.ru