Our Team

image.jpgShane Peed – Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

He brings to the team several years of experience in networking, technical sales, international business, with a strong background in the agricultural industries.
One of the founders of Peed Bros Farms & Trading Corporation. He has managed the exports of Cavendish banana, pineapple, and fresh Mango from the Philippines to Russia, South Korea, and Karachi.

Having a family business in the USA since 2001 he has worked in all facets of the business. He primarily focused on the export of agricultural products ranging from equipment, chemicals, soy-meal and agricultural repair parts.

As a matter of fact, he has spent several years on and off consulting for corporate farms in Russia and Ukraine. He was assisting them in modernizing processes from ordering supplies (seeds, chemical equipment), cultivation and harvest operations, to international supplier negotiations and budgeting for long-term growth.

Also, he is actively working in the Philippines on growing the new addition for commodity imports. Moreover, he is securing new business development opportunities.

Besides, He also owns a call-contact center for acquiring new customers and lending for USA clients. The center is also located in Panabo City, Philippines.

He brings positive energy to the team with a focus on growing the presence of the company as one of the large importers and exporters in the Philippines.


image.pngWilliam Klein – Director of Fuel Acquisitions, Director of Investor Relations. 

Global Consultant, Servant Leader, and Business Development Executive with more than 30 years of experience in Business Management, Nutrition and Food Service Operations, Consulting, Leadership and Staff Skills Development, Team Culture Training and Motivation, Operational Facility Design and Project Management.

Accomplished Food & Nutrition & Business Professional

William “Bill” Klein’s diverse work history includes culinary and managerial, leadership positions in airlines, restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes. He has been an Administrator over food services, for multi-campus health systems. Bill has been also a Food Service Director responsible for many, multi-location health campuses while working for a major food management company. He also owned and owns his own consulting firm. It is focused on training teams and addressing specific needs of Senior Living care operations and regulatory preparedness. Moreover, Bill continues to develop clients at facilities the world over, most recently: Australia and UAE.

Executive Profile

Mr. Klein is a Partner at Amherst Industries, Inc., Partner at Elite Roasters, Inc., and Partner at Vida Foods International, Inc.  He and his partner created a New York company partnership (Amherst Industries, Inc.) that participates in targeted and strategic investments; invests in small and mid-sized companies that require capital and management guidance.

Under that umbrella, Mr. Klein and his partner saw an opportunity to create a new business venture of their own in the coffee roasting and packaging industry. This is Elite Roasters, Inc. 

As a matter of fact, Amherst Industries is now venturing into a partnership with the leading certified Angus beef producer in America. The reason is an acquisition of food items from the region and specific products in the production factory in Costa Rica. This is Vida Foods International, Inc.

Mr. Klein handles all direct communication with the investment groups. He assists in supplier negotiations and participates actively in Peed Bros Farms in the development of a business.  He brings years of experience to Peed Bros Farms in many areas and is a “get it done” kind of guy with a methodical approach to successful business operations.


image.jpgRolando “Ringo” Albite Jr. – President. 

While being the youngest member of the group, he has positive work ethics, a strong drive to succeed, and a complete understanding of business development.

He has effectively been through three (3) business development projects. The projects he has worked on include a fruit exporting business for a South Korean group, development of an internet cafe, and registration of a chemical importing company.

He has worked through the complete process of export-import of various products. It includes registration, logistics, document processing, supplier or grower negotiations, and direct involvement with international buyers in multiple countries.

While working on these projects he has maintained his position within Peed Bros and furthering negotiations for the new business development of import products.

He is one of the most active members of Peed Bros. And consistently monitors the business for growth opportunities while managing several aspects of the business. Ringo also manages a joint venture internet cafe-call center facility. 


PHOTO-2018-07-22-21-09-55.jpgPhoebe Amelin – CEO.

She brings over ten years of experience in the import and export of products from the Philippines.

Her experience includes the export of bananas, the import of large volumes of rice from Thailand to the Philippines; internal rice trading and an extensive background in setting up foreign companies in the Philippines. Her strongest attributes are sales and networking.

As a matter of fact, Phoebe has excellent negotiation skills working with suppliers from different countries. This serves well for our group as securing supply contracts for buyers is a key component of the current business model.

Phoebe is highly energetic and very dedicated to growing the business one step at a time. She is team-oriented and focused on securing the best practices for the company. She is also reducing any of the local potential risks. As a result, Here connections with the local government department heads make her the perfect fit for this position.


2016-09-25 22.11.46.jpgElizabeth (Кудряшова) Peed – International Sales & Russian Customer-Supplier Relations. 

Graduating from Moscow Linguistic University with her with her major in English, Spanish and Turkish. 

Firstly, in 2015 she was immersed in the agricultural field translating and interpreting for companies based in Russia, USA, Ukraine, and the Philippines. Utilizing her professional skills in translation she managed international relationships for purchases, sales and investments deals. Then, in 2017 she became an International Sales Associate and Russian Customer-Supplier Relations in Peed Bros Farms & Trading Corp. based in the Philippines dealing with export and import all over the world. 

Lastly, working directly with Russian refineries for import of products (bulk oil) to the Philippines has been her most recent focus. Establishing these key relationships with refineries has allowed Peed Bros to become a strategic partner in the bulk fuel industry to countries around the world. 

Besides, being the youngest member of the Peed Bros team Elizabeth brings high energy and focus on Russian relations to our company. 


BART.jpgBart T. Magcarang – Philippines Sales Manager

A graduate of Columbia Polytechnic Institute in 2005 with his masters in computer science. 

Since 2005 he has been focused on establishing sales for various companies adding his technical abilities to the sales process. 

Bart joined the Peed Bros team in 2018. His focus is on streamlined uninterrupted product imports for our customer base here. Moreover, with a strong knowledge of product imports and sales organizational structure he builds a strong relationship with the customer. He is also assisting the customer in promoting the imported products to enhance their sales. 



Ilya Vukolov – Илья Вуколов – Russia Export Sales Manager 

A graduate of Yelets State University specializing in foreign languages with his masters in Foreign languages.  

Since 2008 his focus has been in the agricultural industries ranging from agronomy, department manager, international agriculture projects manager, head of precision ag department, and international sales relations in agriculture equipment and commodities. 

He has worked with the owners of Peed Bros for the last four years on various projects related to commodities and agriculture. He will be in charge of vetting suppliers from Russia for export to countries that Peed Bros Philippines and Peed Bros Singapore import to. Being a native to Russia this enhances Peed Bros security in purchasing products from Russia and increases successful relationships with the strategic suppliers from there. 

His focus products are fuel oils, petrochemicals, meat products, and grains from Russia and surrounding countries.